The FinTech Asia 100 list of this year’s top 100 fintech movers and shakers were revealed in front of a live audience last night at the Aura Sky Lounge, at the National Gallery. It was also the opening networking event of the Singapore FinTech Festival.

The FinTech Asia 100 is compiled by Next Money, in partnership with EY and supported by Visa. This 2016 list includes some familiar names of the regional fintech scene, and additional new players, such as Jun-Seong Han, CFIO (Chief Future Innovation Officer) Hana Financial Group (Korea) and Cindy Chow, Executive Director Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund (China), who have earned their way into this coveted top 100.

Some interesting statistics to note from the FinTech Asia 100 are that 26% of this year’s selection are female and out of the 100 fintech leaders, 38 are entrepreneurs, 41 are CEOs and 15 different markets are represented, which is up from 13 last year. India has the most members on the list, with 18 individuals and Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China are tied with 15 individuals each on the list.

The FinTech Asia 100 individuals were selected by the following nine judges that represent a thorough cross-section of the fintech community throughout the region.

  • Rob Findlay, CEO, Next Money, Singapore
  • Varun Mittal, Regional Head of Operations and Fund Management helloPay and Lazada Group, Singapore
  • Markus Gnirck, Partner, Tryb, Singapore
  • Natalie Fleming, Board Member, Fintech Association of Japan, Japan
  • David Lynch, CEO, CPT Global, Australia
  • Jon-Tzen Ng, Head, Strategy & Design at Ping An Technology, China
  • Sukhoon Eun, Founder & CEO, Superstring, South Korea
  • Maaike Steinebach; Chief Executive, Hong Kong Branch and MD Institutional Banking & Markets, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Hong Kong Branch)
  • Khemara Ros, Cambodia MBI Manager, Asian Development Bank, Cambodia

All the individuals considered for the FinTech Asia 100 were systematically rated by the judges on the following three key criteria:

  1. A proven track record of positive impact on the fintech sector, be it through investment, exit, market share, shift or growth, in their respective market.
  2. A clear position of leadership in the fintech community and influence through their business, and/or social and media channels.
  3. A clear vision of the future through their work and commentary that builds a better future for the finance industry by challenging the status quo or extrapolating and pushing current financial business models toward the future.

Next Money CEO, Rob Findlay, said: “We are thrilled to present this year’s FinTech Asia 100 with EY and Visa’s support, especially at the beginning of the Singapore FinTech Festival. The growing strength and breadth of accomplishments by all of the individuals included in this year’s list are a testament to the growing maturity of fintech in Asia and across the globe. These are, without a doubt, the individuals that are actively shaping the next iteration of the global finance industry.”

Liew Nam Soon, EY Asean Managing Partner, Financial Services, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP, said: “The FinTech Asia 100 is an important strategic initiative for EY. While fintech has gained ground only in recent years, adoption rates are growing fast in Asia. The EY FinTech Adoption Index indicated that adoption of fintech could double among digitally active consumers within the next 12 months, with markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia being most active. Local fintechs can benefit from Asia’s influence as part of an increasingly competitive global playing field. They will be able to better leverage opportunities to work collaboratively with the more established companies within financial services, with the ultimate objective of delivering more innovative and customer-centric solutions and offerings to their customers.”

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